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I was exploring u-maker, a personality quiz maker site, and I discovered a very はぁはぁquiz.

It’s called the ラッキBL喘ぎ占い(Lucky Boys Love Panting-style Quiz).

The results tell me that my lucky BL panting style is an orgasmic はぁ…はぁ…あっ!(Haa…haa..Ah!)

  • 「余裕のない必死な受け入れ喘ぎ。苦しい中からも一生懸命快感を得ようと頑張る呼吸で。」
    A “completely, desperately takes it all in” panting. (sounds Uke…)(One) breathes in persistent pursuit for pleasure, even if it has to come from agony.

はぁ はぁ…(≡´∀`≡)

  • 「Khow Wee Tingさんの開運ポーズは、M字開脚です!」
    The pose that brings me better fortune is opening my legs wide, knees bent, in the shape of an ‘M’.



Erm… I wonder if they’ll allow me to do that on the bus or in the office… Anyway, I’m too stiff to execute this alphabetic pose. I might accidentally rupture my anus.

Gyaaa-! No panting can get more erotic than this! It sounds so deliciously Uke~vvv
Ishida-! Midorikawa-!
It’s gonna be my lucky day if I get to hear someone go はぁ…はぁ…あっ LIVE!(腐)

So, what is your lucky BL panting style?



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