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Graduated:A Gift from Japan

I’m back from KL, stuffed with durian and tonight, I received something wonderful…



It’s…It’s… Sephiroth with nekomimi !!! ニャン(≡´∀`≡)はぁはぁ

This wonderful gif anime, loaded with mega MOE power, is created by chihaya san from Destiny Castle as a graduation gift!!! The 1ST gif anime present I’ve ever received! (≧ヮ≦) うれしいー!うれしいー!
She went the extra mile by personalising the gif anime and I’m very very touched by her kind gesture. 
Why? Because it takes alot of effort and time to create a 10-second gif anime. You have to draw the picture, manage the layers, worry over the timing and file size… by the end of the day,when the picture comes to life, your whole body is close to atrophy.

I shall cherish this gift for its creator’s kind friendship and its overwhelming MOE power.



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