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Devil May Cry: Missions 4-5

Trish appears in the 4th episode for the 1st time. Well, for mission 4… it’s Devil Will Cry.

The animation really sucks in this episode. The fight scenes between Trish and Lady were so terrible that my eyes are already shedding blood. Oh my god, I can’t believe the producer had the cheek to put it on WOWOW…Trish is a real cool and sexy character in the game so naturally I have my expectations on this character in the animation. Unfortunately, the anime is really shitty in my opinion. Trish じゃねよ!!!(`Д´)


In summary, episode 4 is a catfight between Lady and Trish, not over Dante, just over fashion. Lady grenaded Trish’s sexy black corset and Trish gave Lady a new hairdo with her gun. I shall not describe further because the fight scenes are too “cabbage janai” to bear. Legs are trying very very hard to look like legs, Trish and Lady are trying very very hard to look female. Worse, I don’t know why in this episode, both female leads HAVE to change into really ugly clothes. Trish wore a white top that probably does not require the animators to draw her trademark breasts. And Lady, she really wants to be called the Bag Lady for wearing the most hideous grandmother fashion. The animation is S-H-I-T-T-Y, so kusottare that I wanted to ffwd the video.

Thank god there’s a decent improvement in mission 5 because my tolerance level was running low. This episode’s about a guy(forgot his name) who kept stalking Dante just to check him out. He followed Dante to the ladies, he went to a port to watch Dante take down the mafia(don’t know how he got there in the 1st place), he got chased around by Patty for loitering, he even broke into Dante’s home office. It’s a stupid, tasteless plot about a guy with no balls playing paparazzi without a camera. The 2 redeeming features would probably be Dante’s insatiable hunger to whup demon ass (sexy!) and the ending scene where the guy joins Dante in having a nice strawberry sundae.Cute.

Just hearing Morikawa Toshiyuki say “たりねぇ” is enough.(#´Д`#)ハァハァ


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