Graduated:Duty Done

I’ve officially, formally, really graduated from university on 14th July 2007.


Me and dad. Eh, it’s hard to fake a happy smile you know.

Finally, I’ve done my duty to get that piece of paper for my dad. Just a plain Merit, sans laude. These 4 years have been a tough journey for me, wrestling not just with the foulsome FRS, the plummetting GPA scores and other hair-thinning SMUgging, but also coming to terms with myself.

Since I’m on Daddy Scholarship, I’ve to just complete this degree for him. As for my dream to pursue art, I’ll have to earn enough to put myself in an arts school, preferably overseas. It took me 4 years to learn what it is like to do something that one has no passion for. My interior designer friend had been right. One has to do what one is passionate about and for me it was art. She had advised me to join her in an arts institution after our A-levels. And I had attended her graduation which was the happiest occassion for her and me. I was so happy for her I cried because she was also the school’s top student for the year!

Nainai the birth day girl , me and little brother.  

I did not look forward to my graduation ceremony as much as I did for hers. For me, it feels like I’m getting married to a man I do not love at all. Well, at least I can finally give my dad what he wants. Now, I can’t wait to divorce and elope with my true love~!

Of course there are some positive things about my SMU life. The flowers along this rocky road are the wonderful friends I’ve made. There’s Miss Ringo and Miss Linda who were my 1st project mates(we established ‘Wang Company’ in 2003), then there’re my future colleagues, Miss Mel and Miss 1wRong (who’s always right)!There’s also Miss Chic whom I advise to run others over with her black ‘Ferrari’. 

Linda, Arzen, 1wRong, Mel and Chic in her “Ferrari” 

Tricolor shoes-Black:1wRong,Beige: Linda and White:Arzen

They are extraordinary people who have inner strength, sky-high IQ’s and a very healthy sense of humour. That’s probably why they can tolerate my whinings, vulgarities, complaints and reticence(oh, and downloadings during lessons too).

Hey, I’m a shy person man, I don’t speak up much. I don’t like to do number-crunching work. Oh and I sure hate to study accounts and finance*bleargh*. Definitely a high-flyer’s worst nightmare. (I think Mr ALwaysWIN is totally traumatised by the AT project meetings) I’m very thankful for all those I’ve worked with all the same because if not for them, I’d not have learnt how to differentiate the cheebeys from the angels. Thank god I’ve only come across 4-5 cheebeys in these 4 years, that’s about 1 cheebey per year.

Oh, and I appreciate SMU for imparting the necessary skills of, to put it in layman’s terms, quality bullshitting. This is imperative in any situation, not just in the corporate working world where one has to bullshit to get to the next rung of the ladder, bullshitting is utilised to justify one’s screw-ups. I’m better at tikam-ing but I do still try to defecate with my mouth.

So that’s it. The end of my 16-year Singapore education. And there are significant effects to a person as shown in the following:

BEFORE receiving Singapore education


AFTER graduating from Singapore university

To prevent severe mental and physical retardation in an academic environment, Slacking is advised.



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4 responses to “Graduated:Duty Done

  1. u’ve really depicted the retardedness well! give ur bro a pat on his back on my behalf. :p

  2. rong

    my friend says ur bro looks a bit like a korean soft toy pig. haha!

  3. sheryl

    hi weet!
    haven’t seen you in a while. 🙂 An honest and courageous post. I truly hope that you can fufil your wish someday, and may we never forget to keep chasing our dreams.

  4. rong> My bro looks like a Korean soft toy pig?! Oh that’s so rude! Your friend shouldn’t say things like that about pigs. They are such adorable creatures with some IQ///(^^)

    Sheryl>Long time no see!
    Thanks for dropping by. 2 more terms and you’ll be commencing too!I pray you’ll stay sane and cool like you always are and hope your dreams turn into reality very soon.
    *I apologise for the disturbing pics. Take my “slacking”advice at your own risk and…
    just to let you know, you are not one of the cheebeys.(≧ヮ≦)

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