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Devil May Cry(アニメ):Missions 1-3

I crammed 3 episodes of Devil May Cry anime today.

And my thoughts on the 1st 3 episodes are…

Good effort, but why do I get the feeling that the 3rd episode might have been outsourced to China? What is Madhouse up to…? Ying san sent a message that the latest episode is “not cabbage janai”.”Cabbage janai” means outsourced animation gone wrong, in our terms. That motivated me to begin cramming DMC anime. I wanted to see the “cabbage janai”.

 The character Brad in episode 3 sometimes appeared to have lopsided eyes. In a scene at the bar, Brad’s butt… is trying very very hard to look like a butt. Episode 3 reminded me of NANA anime. The rocker Nana also had lopsided eyes in certain episodes. Her eyes were drawn at the level where her nose should be. Oh, and both animes were produced by *drumroll* Madhouse.

Anyway… …

In mission 01, Dante had to babysit this Patty kid who’s supposed to be the sole heiress to a very large inheritance (cash, mansion and all). Dante had to bring this kid to the family mansion by 6pm to collect the inheritance. So the scheming family members sent assassins to kill Patty or at least delay their arrival. In the end, Dante discovers that the real heiress, a very foxy lady also called Patty, had hired him to protect a decoy. The real heiress got her cash and sent them away with some compensation.

Yea. I don’t get why one the family member is a big ass demon which wants all the inheritance for himself. What does a big, powerful demon do with money anyway?(–||)

But I guess I know why Dante’s quite pissed with the real heiress. Probably he’d want to be her bodyguard rather than a babysitter… And that Patty kid’s REEAALLLY a pain in the arse.

Episode 2 is something I looked forward to because there’re motorcycle races and Lady makes her 1st appearance. Lady took on a job to exterminate a racing demon that had killed some bikers. Dante would have to take on the job if she could hit all 9 balls with one shot in a game of billiards. Lady sure knows how to hit some balls. Dante took on the job, raced with Vincent, who became leader of the motorcycle gang thanks to his dead biker oniisan; destroyed a bridge on the way and finally planted bullets into demon butt. Lady finished the job with a bomb. At the end, Vincent visited Dante to thank him and expressed his desire to race Dante once more. The episode ends with Dante leaning on the billiard table, telling Vincent he would race with him if he couldn’t get any balls into the hole; but if all 8 balls are in with a single shot, Vincent would have to buy him lunch.

I was hoping Vincent won’t have to buy him lunch… …(゜∀゜)

Episode 3. The most “cabbage janai” episode I’ve watched so far. (–|||)

It’s a Romeo and Juliet story where a rich man’s girl falls in love with a demon. Obviously the rich man is very against the relationship and hired Dante to exterminate this demon. Dante finds that this demon, Brad, is very much in love with the girl and is reminded of his parents. His father, Spada was a demon who fell in love with his human mother, Eva. Brad was sent by a big ass demon master to do some reconnaissance work and to prepare a huge welcome party for his master. Because he loved the girl very much, Brad decided to bite the hand that fed him and helped Dante to locate the big ass demon master. Dante stabbed the big ass demon back to where it came from. Brad saved the girl’s father who was wounded. And they lived happily ever after.Snore.

This Brad demon… is very wimpy. I really have no idea what the big ass demon sees in him. The average human being probably has more evil than this flower-obsessed guy. He didn’t even bother to retaliate when Dante had his gun in his face. The script is really crap and the animation… really stinks of outsourcing. The only part which I enjoyed in this sorry episode is when Dante stuffed pizza into his mouth and said that he had set a record in devouring a Large pizza in 5 mins.(4 mins to remove the olives, 1 min to eat)



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