The protagonists

Diva’s boys chevaliers

The Schiffs (RIP)

Red Shield family~*

Blood+ Brothers: Kai & Riku(はむはむ)



I was searching for ‘Blood+ Final Piece’ walkthrough(苦しいー) when I came upon somebody’s website full of treasures!(“Somebody” because due to my limited Japanese+laziness, I don’t know who the webmaster/mistress is.) The website’s called… Pokettolinku …?

It’s a massive archive of Blood+ screenshots,scans and animated gifs. In addition, the webmaster/mistress actually took the trouble to create pages with themes. Eg, there’s “ソロモン服装・形態・状態一覧”page. One of the pictures showed Solomon lying face down after getting thrashed by Diva and her chevaliers. The caption underneath said ぼろモン. (0w0!)

And what about the number of sweets that appeared in the anime? The webmaster/mistress has done the counting as shown in this page, アメの数!!

Of course there’s a page for Hagi, ハジ服装・髪型・形態 where one can see him nude (top only). And another page that shows the various ways to make Haji kebab in 串刺しリスト.(-_-||)

Aaah… crap. My eyes are getting bleary from playing Blood+ Final Piece. Walkthrough wo kudasai-ai-ai-!



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9 responses to “BLOOD+ KAWAII~! *プチ*

  1. honto ni kawaii desu ^-^
    please email me if you know some
    scanlationed manga for
    blood+ adagio and
    blood+ yakou joushi.. =)

    domo arigato tomodachi-san..

  2. Hiiiiiiiiii
    i love blood+
    it’s my fav anime
    good job with the pics lawl

  3. chen

    i loveee blood+… saya kawaiiii!
    and i love Japanese!!
    i wish to talk wite somone from Japan…=]

    sayonara !!!

  4. gaston

    i like blood+
    me gusta blood+ y esta muy bueno lo que hiciste con las imagenes
    sige con eso y no des marcha atras

  5. Mary

    I love Blood+
    These are so funny! Can you make more?

  6. Mary

    … Hey… you forgot Karl!

  7. Eleanore

    Cute! I wonder who was the illustrator?
    I’m a big fan of Blood+ , of course Saya & Hagi are my most favourite charactors. Thanks for sharing with me the cute pictures.

  8. cette info poura m’aider !

  9. ~Emzzy~

    Lol~ So Cute~ I ❤ The Pic Of Karl+Riku~ Amzazin' Job 😀

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