Motoni Modoru(本仁戻)plus Poison Cherry Drive sample!

After ogling at Ogasawara’s handsome men and bleeding from the nose with gusto, I’m getting faint from anaemia. (゜∀゜∥) ~ガタガタ~

Another BL mangaka that makes me lose alot of blood is Motoni Modoru. But the way I lose blood is not from the nose. This manga, 「Poison Cherry Drive」, made me cough out blood and some of the comedic scenes can really cause a brain haemorrhage. Motoni sensei’s probably the only BL mangaka I’ve ever come across as an oddball, the enfant terrible of the 801 world. I love her work. She’s got a brilliant, wacky sense of humour.

I’ve read 「飼育係.理火」 and 「テツxリカ」 which is completely serious, gothic and very violent(eg gang rape, S&M,suicide,incest…). It’s such a dark and psychological piece of work, there’s no way one can expect Motoni to come up with gag-filled works such as 「Poison Cherry Drive」(sample ↓) and 「僕の先生はフィーバーwith本マン」 . It’s almost like she’s got a multi-personality disorder or something.

Really, I don’t want to know how her mind looks like inside… (゜m゜!)



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One response to “Motoni Modoru(本仁戻)plus Poison Cherry Drive sample!

  1. kazenoseme

    kyaaa i love modoru-sensei works thank you for the ‘short’ example >//u//<… kyaaa~♥


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