Kita-!Shopping on゜∀゜)




My parcel arrived this morning at 11am Singapore time while I was in the toilet making some big business. My maid took the delivery and she was more excited then me because she thought someone from Japan sent … … sushi.

This is my 1st time shopping online. I was one of those who worry about credit card security and consumer risks. What made me overcome those fears and take the plunge is DESPERATION.

I was desperate to get my hands on 2 artbooks: “Korean Illustration” and Ogasawara Uki’s “400 リゾード“.

Korean Illustration. Kinokuniya ran out of stock in May. Both in Singapore and Japan. I’m utterly disappointed.

400リゾード. Kinokuniya Japan had a few stocks left and I decided to place an order with the Singapore mainstore. So last week, I went to the counter with the ISBN in hand, passed it to the shop assistant and asked her if she can process an order for me. After making a book search on her PC she turned to me and said: “I’m sorry, we are unable to place an order for you.”

“You mean, the book is sold out in Japan? So soon?”, I gasped.

She smiled and said,”Actually, no. This is an artbook right? It may contain restricted material which we cannot bring into Singapore.” 


(゜д゜) … …

My mind went beeeeeeee-p. 

“Does…Does that mean I have to fly to Japan just to get the book?”, I said weakly.

My wallet is starting to feel the pain.(Return air ticket: $900, Hotel:$100/night, Mental state: Panic attack)

She smiled and said,”Well, you can try Amazon Japan. I’m sorry I can’t help you with this order.”

So that night, I went online and found the 2 books in Amazon. I found more stuff like Magna Carta Doujinshi, BL comics et cetera. It’s a paradise to me. I thought: “Ah heck, I might as well order more stuff (eg BL) which I can’t get from” and shopped til 2am in the morning. All I have to do then was to wait. It was pretty fun tracking my package online.

When I saw the parcel, it felt like Christmastime. I could almost hear someone go Ho-ho-ho. Finally… The moment I’ve been waiting for.

I spent ¥11,242 on 5 books, inclusive of shipping fees

(Shipping:SGD$22, Handling:SGD$3.70 per book).

That’s about SGD$ 162. It’s slightly cheaper than getting them from It’s a real bargain given that I don’t have to fly to Japan to buy them just because has no balls to import them.

When I opened the books, I was in euphoria. My stomach felt like there’s a swarm of butterflies inside. Probably it’s the same sort of excitement newly-weds feel on their wedding night. (#′∀`#)ーはぁはぁ

The first one I opened was Ogasawara Uki’s illustration book “400リゾード“. The illustrations are awesome. Every picture is digitally painted and beautifully rendered.

I don’t need a man. Her art is enough.(鼻血)

I vomited blood when she wrote in her afterword 「私はもともとカラーイラストガ下手なので…」. 下手?!! (0Д0;)

Hoping to find some nice illustration on the hardcover, I stripped the book of its jacket and… …

(#′∀`#) I think I’m getting anaemia…*がっば*(鼻血)

Ha~Japan is an amazing place. I wish I can go there. I have no idea what I’d want to do first… shopping, sightseeing,meeting people. But one thing I’m very sure of is I’ll definitely go broke. Probably to the point that I can’t even afford a plane ticket home.(I don’t mind if that happens.) There must be a cheaper way to get there… …


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