Pirates of the Caribbean…MANGA

Today’s the most tiring day. (I’ll get to the manga later on, let me whine first.)

I did the LOOOOOOONGEST overtime in my working history(which is about 8 months) and it is so very tiring. |||orz

And the best way to recover from job-related exhaustion is some wholesome retail therapy. Thus, I headed to Takashimaya in Orchard road for a rejuvenating wallet-burning on food and books.

As usual, I strolled around Kinokuniya bookstore, hunting for BL comics award-winning literature and artbooks. I came upon the display section where sometimes, one can find a bestseller or a doujinshi on a lucky day.

Hmm…what do we have here… Sazae san?! What a classic… Ouran High School Host Club. So gay… 新暗行御史!!Oh volume 16 is out!It’s out! Finally!!! …And hey, what’s this?







Oh my god… Pirates… It’s Pirates…of…the…Caribbean…MANGA!?!?!

Jack Sparrow…and Will Turner…? That guy on the left is presumably Will although he looks Asian. Thanks to this discovery, I did not succumb to Kinokuniya’s members’ sale and saved a hell lot of money today. I mean, really, that manga really looked pirated to me -sorry for the pun- Like come on, has Disney run out of money or something? Or perhaps it’s overwhelmed by the spirit of piracy that the book has to look as authentically pirated as possible. This poor rendition of Jack Sparrow doesn’t do the suave and droolsome Johnny Depp any justice. ("゜Д゜) 私たちのジョニーが…!!!


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