Vesak Day: My Brother the Bakemon(弟はバケモンです。)

This is my brother at the Buddha party on Vesak Day.

Tall (he eats alot of rice), dark (he’s serving national service now) and handsome (he believes he is).

He is so monstrously tall (1.88m), I sometimes wonder if his brain is getting enough oxygen.


He looked quite normal but due to certain circumstances (probably due to his height and  inadequate oxygen), his mental stability is very questionable. I think it runs in the family because I’m hardly sane sometimes.

My maid-aunt took a picture of us in the car. We just passed by the national mental institute and we agreed that dad should turn back and leave us at the mental hospital where we belong. My brother’s mental illness is starting to act up in this photo.

Soon… it got so bad, he underwent a metamorphosis and turned into a monster… it’s terrible. It is so frustrating. Never in my life have I seen such severe retardation of mind and looks. Is this… this creature even human?!

Oh My God.

Did I mention that weirdness runs in the family?

This is daddy, the head of the household and a fervent follower of the national lottery. Nothing gets his attention except the words “ToTo”, “4-D” and “million dollars”. I was 1 metre away from him and tried calling him to turn so I can take a photo of him.

“Hey dad! Daaaad! Eh, look here! Dad!”

No response.

“Look! Bro is going crazy again! And his breath really smells toxic!You know he never brushes his teeth!”

No response.


“I’m getting a panic attack. I think I’m gonna die. Gasp…H..Help me Dad!”

No response. (probably)

Then my maid-aunt suggested I say something like “ToTo”.

“Toto! You won $60 000!”

He turned around very quickly and looked a little lost when he realised he’d been had.

It was an enjoyable Buddha party. There were 3 Thai monks blessing and chanting for the masses. And the food! Oh the food was heavenly~I call it vegetarian ambrosia. The curry samosas and springrolls were to die for. The skin is fried to perfection and even though it’s dipped in curry, it is still so crunchy. The rich curry potato filling is packed tight into the thin skin pockets. When one bites into the curry samosa, there’s a delicious loud crunch, followed by a savoury mouthful of curry potato.

We ate and ate and  ate. We took turns waiting for the kitchen to replenish the delicious samosas and springrolls, before springing to action, piling our flimsy paper plates with towers of springrolls and pyramids of samosas. Even my maid-aunt was stunned by our beastly appetite.

After having satiated his freak hunger, the monster in him disappeared, leaving a pretty decent-looking human being whom I can acknowledge as my sibling.

*Argh, reminiscing the pyramids of samosas is making me salivate … and hungry.



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2 responses to “Vesak Day: My Brother the Bakemon(弟はバケモンです。)

  1. haha, this entry is so funny! glad to see that u had some fun! enjoy your day and all yea? cya soon!!!

  2. I give full credit to the photos of my brother for making this entry farnie.
    You’ll see me pretty soon cos 4th June will be the last day I’m gonna be ganasaikanging~(^w^)

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