Blood+ : Non-BL fantasy(´∀`*)

Ah, I can’t help being a fan of Blood+.

And what else do fans do than letting their imagination go wild with slash and fanfics and doujins et cetera. (By the way, what is slash?)

I’ve never tried writing a fanfic(fan fiction) before. The last time I ever wrote a story was when I had to prepare a resume and cover letter in a job application. It’d be nice if someone can write a  BL-ood+ fanfic. Don’t even seem to see Blood+ doujinshis around.

Do Blood+ doujinshis even exist in the 1st place? (the official comics do not count)

Anyway, my non-BL fantasy is…

Diva x Saya.

Diva in Riku’s form (oh god, the poor kid whom she raped) looks so harmless and innocent. But she’s an accomplished セメ. Very wilful and dangerous, she can create a bloodbath easily just to snatch a pair of blue sneakers from a Red Shield agent.

On the other hand, Saya is more humane and gentle when she does not wield the sword. Pretty safe for the human species as long as she’s not forcibly awakened from her 30 year slumber. A definite ウケ in this pairing.

…click ”keep reading” to see the picture if kissing does not bother you. Parental Guidance is advised.hahahaa~ (*゜∀゜*) 






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