Arzen of the Carribean: The Curse of the Black PSP

(taken by Bernard with PSP cam)

This is my GOLDEN WEEKEND because… … 

My Boyfriend(PSP) is Useful At Last!

(*´∀`*) ~うっほ!

I’m back from Kuala Lumpur, my Carribean.

Thanks to Ying sama for introducing me to the videogame-meister, my PSP’s much-desired potential has finally been unlocked. PSPの中に…いっぱい~

And thanks to Ying sama, I finally have 2 more BL games to play:”Stamp Out” and “Gakuen Prince”.Both feature the infamous seiyuu, specialising in uke roles, Midorikawa Hikaru.*はぁはぁ、しなきゃ*

With Ishida Akira leaving the BL industry*いやぁー!!!*, the sole heir to the uke CV throne is none other than Midorikawa.

We wish that Ishida Akira will get married, have lots of kids and a colossal mortgage loan to pay, so eventually he will see the BL industry as a viable source of income once more. むひょひょひょひょひょー!



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3 responses to “Arzen of the Carribean: The Curse of the Black PSP

  1. Ying

    ペンシルケース大根を買ってなかったのは残念ですね。Anyway, you better get some coffee, to enjoy your midnight pleasure.
    Oh ya, don’t forget to keep this pic in your D-files folder so that I can open it out while you standing behind me and goes 「ククククク…よかった…」 when I visit Singapore.

  2. Arzenさんこんばんは^^ノ


  3. Ying> 汚れた大根はだめですよ。どこに入れば良いですか? (〇w〇)
    Let me know when you are coming so I can call Ah Boon with my mobile phone.
    By the way, the sengoku musou is in Jap~へっへ!

    とうとうGOLDEN WEEKが来たんですね!長い休暇中にレッスンがありますか?! 休みの週間にもっと絵を描いてください!(゜□゜)

    大根型な筆入れby Takaraです!可愛いけどおかしいものだと思いました。KLにあおくび大根グーズがあるのでちょっと驚かされちゃった。

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