An SME of my dreams (…sort of)

I just finished auditing a company called Take Long Metals Pte Ltd.

The company is doing pretty well with a healthy turnover of more than $5 million and a tidy profit of less than $500,000.

Well, what’s so great about it?

When I first got hold of this assignment, I was filled with trepidation after my manager warned me that the inventory could pose a problem. Then, there are the unexplainable items on the trial balance such as the all-important accumulated profit account (the balance is 2 years ago?!!F**K!), provision for taxation and other shit.

So the day finally came, yesterday that is, for me to traverse the ulu parts of bugis, taking great care not to fall into the Rochor Canal and get run over by Malaysian buses. When I came to the company’s office, I rubbed my eyes twice.

Yeap, all I can see is lots of metal bars and sheets, and as I squeezed my way up the wooden stairs to the accounts office, I can’t help noticing the rubbish scattered in various places. Shit, I thought, are they going to cram me into a small dusty room like Fin-Ass Co?  The office is small and there’s lots of rust, some dust and heaps of old,old appliances. Even the toilet is furnished with a rusty wire to hold the toilet roll.

But that’s where the nightmare ended.

The accountant(well not really, she’s just helping out her husband) is a real warm and friendly person, an owner of a white PSP. She’s pretty slack and does not discourage this wonderful human quality in her office, she even advised me to come much later, after 10am. The 2 intern guys are having a ball of a time reading manga, playing PSP, talk crap and occasionally do the typical intern work such as photocopying etc.

And there’s the young sister-in-law who’s around my age and self-proclaimed Car Goddess. That’s because she’s into racing car games and spends her free time racing her hot pink car with her ‘png-kueh’ pink PSP.

One of the intern guy’s already tempted to buy a PSP for himself, most likely under the influence of the accountant, her sister-in-law, and now, the auditor. So whenever I describe the sister-in-law’s PSP as ‘png-kueh’, this guy will say he prefers ‘soon kueh’.*faints*

Then what’s mine? ‘Black chai tau kueh’?

Anyway, the audit’s not too bad despite the accountant describing the system as “f**ked up”,”kan-nee-nah” and “cheebai”. She’s very helpful, getting what I needed and making the interns do intern work. And more importantly, she strikes me as a sincere person, not like the Fin-Ass Co cheebey who has the same name as her.

Really, it’s like a dream. I wish I can work in a company like that. Not posh and new but it’s fun and down-to-earth. These people know the importance of being a bum!

The audit ended early and we went to a game shop during lunch time to get the interns their PSP. After they rushed back to the office, it began to rain heavily. (T_T) 

Literally lah. 


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