Wanna see some BL fun?*see the last pic*

From BLood+ Adagio, Diva and her little chevalier,Alexei Romanov.

She sure has a taste for young boys. Look what happened to Riku.*sobs*

I painted this in the public PBBS and I doubt it’ll garner any comments because Diva looks irritatingly smug here. (-д-*) She’s quite an interesting character though.

Hmm No BL fun to see here because wordpress.com has explicitly stated the content regulations.(highlighted in sky blue. Wow.)

Sigh, brings back the traumatic memories of discovering all my lovely BL pics erased by the Oekakibbs moderators. Without any warning some more! Grrrr…

That was why I was so anxious to remove or at least change the *cough cough* picture of Saya being *cough cough* in 流花 san’s PBBS. Oh-! But it was so enjoyable and exhilirating to paint the picture.

I’ll remember to play by the rules.

No nudity, no explicit sexual activity, no tongue-all-over, no pubic hair. Why no pubic hair? I don’t know. I thought it would provide natural, organic censorship. Better than mosaic.

Below are 2 wholesome BL pics for the imagination.(I hope)


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One response to “Wanna see some BL fun?*see the last pic*

  1. cyrell

    Pubic hair..can not understand what people have against it…

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