PLUS Blood

Saya n Hagi-the Cellists

Isn’t this fantastic? (click to see the whole picture)

And this?

Blood+ Solomon

I don’t know where the energy and inspiration comes from but I’ve managed to paint 3 pictures in a day that look like a large amount of effort and computing power had been spent.

Okay, I was totally encouraged by chihaya san et al from Destiny Castle. (Yup, you can see the banner in the blogroll.Go ahead and click.) (>w<)

If I were to choose between the euphoria of painting nice pictures and drowning in chocolate while having sex (shit,where did such a shitty example come from??), I choose painting!!! Despite the aching neck and back, bleary eyes, suppressed bladder and the risk of thrombosis, I choose painting. Amen. 

It’s 1.53 am now and I have to get up early for work. #$@*!!!

I don’t want to go to work!!! Yucks! Why am I born a textbook regurgitator?

Sometimes I wish I’m a school dropout with nothing to feed me except my art.

But then again… I won’t be able to afford Japanese lessons and imports by Kinokuniya if I were to subsist on $900/mth gross salary. (0_0)




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2 responses to “PLUS Blood

  1. Alessandra

    Such beautiful paintings! I adored them. I am more for the writing and I’ve found that images inspire me a lot. And yes, I simply love Hagi. :-)!

  2. Julia M.

    ur paintings r really good. i just started painting when i can and seening urs makes me want to paint some more. dont stop painting what ever u do bc one day u will be famus lol. take care and bye for now.

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