RPG: Magna Carta Portable


Sexy,white-haired guy: Calintz (CV:保志総一郎)

Voice by Souichiro Hoshi of Gundam Seed, Saiyuki etc

Sexy, chesty lady in yellow: Rith

Calintz n Rith Official PSP wallpaper. Yum.

I began playing this delightful RPG only yesterday and I’m hooked.

The battle system is challenging especially when the player has to input the correct buttons at the precise moment in order to execute an assault on the enemy.

 Painted in cupitor amore oebbs

But to get to see Calintz’s sexy hips the next level with a rewarding CG movie is worth the hard work, sweat and sore thumbs.

 Look here Calintz!More oebbsing.

The character and monster design is absolutely gorgeous! Kim Hyung Tae is god. Even minor monsters are carefully designed and are aesthetically pleasing. Not really happy to see Calintz and his team get thrashed by them though.

There was one particular battle where Calintz and Rith were the only participants, contending with 2 bloody Blastworms (they actually resemble King Arthur’s walking tin cans not worms.) and Orha, the boss. Rith can only heal herself and not assault at all. So all the back-breaking work has to be done by Calintz himself. In any RPG game, this means certain death.

So Calintz’s HP plummeted to zero and in desperation I made Rith run out of the field to escape from the battle. Imagine how it’d look when she’s dragging Calintz’s limp body around. How kakko ii … …

Another funny thing about Rith is when she was making an introduction to the rest of Calintz’s team in the town of Lestar.

Rith: わたし、リース。(I am Rith)

She says this and nothing else.

恐ろしい!Sorry for the freakish Rith.

And she repeats the same sentence over and over to a sullen, beefcake team member called Haren until he exclaims “WTH? What’s with this girl? Ok, I’m Haren.”

This game rocks and I must say it made want to get a PS2 for it’s wider selection of battle executions and Calintz’s sexy body CG movies in larger resolution.



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One response to “RPG: Magna Carta Portable

  1. Dekushi

    Awesome game, really. Got it for PS2. Calintz is hot, alright….and I consider myself straight xD

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