GaNaSaikang:A poor intern girl

Once upon a time, in a little island located at the southern tip of Malaysia, there was a little shop called Ganasaikang.

At Ganasaikang, the employees spend half their days hidden among unstable towers of files and papers, bent over their thick pile of working papers and violently punching their worn calculators. The place is silent for most of the day except for the anxious rustle of turning pages.but sometimes one can catch a sigh or two and even a protesting creak from a body close to athrophy. 

Now, one day, the boss brought in 3 girls fresh from one of the island’s many educational institutions. One of them was called SiGh.She is an earnest learner and hard worker, all enthusiastic about learning the mystic arts of auditing. The mistress of the shop gave each girl a special assignment,  guided by the hands of Randomness and Luck.

Alas, SiGh was assigned to a monstrous quest of auditing a company with related parties and what have you. Ignorant and absolutely distressed by the alien procedures, she worked on the assignment without  rest. And what an irony it is that the shop is located in the heart of Cheenatown, a typical tourist hotspot where the best budget gourmet can be found. Yes, SiGh did not even stop for a quick lunch nor a drop of water touched her lips.

The mistress of the shop is a stern but a highly efficient manager. Capable of out-talking the customers to their knees and urging the employees to slave ever so harder and faster. it is no wonder the poor intern girl was too afraid to ask the mistress questions.

It has been 3 weeks for SiGh and her days are filled with melancholy and endless review points from the boss. She wanted to give up because she is not happy. Her friends were having a field day of doing nothing in the larger shops while she is doing everything. She even hoped that by not taking any pay, the mistress would compensate with easier quests. This is not so in the tiny karanguni shack of Ganasaikang.

So what will become of tho poor intern girl?

*Hahaha, it’s a real story while temping at GaNaSaikang. In these 3 weeks, she’s always the 1st to arrive and the last to leave the office. And I’ve never seen her eat anything or leave the room for lunch. Jesus, I’d have died. 



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2 responses to “GaNaSaikang:A poor intern girl

  1. rong

    huh? the girl is so poor thing ah? SMU onE? and the mistress is your manager? teach her a bit or 2 la. sounds super pathetic life le…

  2. Arzen

    Yeah but after 3 days on an outside audit with me, she started to go out for lunch.
    She’s from S Poly. Quite poor peeps to kena Ganasaikang.
    Also,I think she takes the internship too seriously.

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