This is the new year, the Year of the Pig (or Boar if it sounds less fattening).

As a person born under the year of this tasty animal well known for its sanitary standards, I did the unthinkable on the 1st day a.k.a. 初一



Oh my God!

The Sky is going to


1 year’s worth of dust is shovelled and scraped off the shelves and after wiping only 2 shelves above my bed, the water had turned murky, a thick soup of black dust. Shit. I start to wonder how much I’ve been inhaling for the past 2 years.
The dust must have been so bad neither roaches nor ants bothered to consider my room as inhabitable. I couldn’t find a single pellet of roach shit!
Spring-cleaned Sty
From an authentic dust bowl to an indecently neat sty, I feel pretty good going against the norm and my zodiacal nature.

Or so I thought… …
Warning: The following images may be disturbing to an OCD neat freak. This is not an image portraying a squatter’s den. I repeat, this is not an image of a squatter’s den.
Watch out. One day my mess will kill me...
No, that’s not me up there. That fellow porker’s been wallowing in dust for nearly a decade now. I had it when I was still in secondary school. Used to have nightmares of it trying to crush my head while I’m sleeping.

The Hill
Now you don’t see it, now you do.
The paper mountain…Somewhere under the pile is a forgotten textbook and papers with hideous grades.

I’m sure I can survive the claustrophobic spaces in Japan, especially after years of swimming in my mess and filling my lungs with dust. *honk*


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One response to “MY ROOM

  1. rong

    the sky has indeed fallen. omg. u did it! finally!!! heh. gambatte ne! =]

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