HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR *OINK* & a belated Valentines



Well, I imported the previous posts from Blogger to this one. After the acquisition of Blogspot, I had a very VERY hard time logging into my Blogger account. I had to use the office computer to log in and do the necessary stuff.


I’m soooo tired of hataraki-ing and knowing that I’m going to call off the backpacking trip so that I can pay DBS next month just bloody sucks. (hatarakiri) Ah, hell. I was so engrossed rushing the report with an impending court case that I clean forgot about celebrating Valentine’s Day by painting something nice & yummy on the day itself. The most romantic thing I did was buy myself a bar of chocolate to munch while vouching the additions to fixed assets. |||(-_-)||| 



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2 responses to “HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR *OINK* & a belated Valentines

  1. rong

    no wonder i was wondering like how come u’re not blogging at all. yes, i fully agree that blogspot sucks after it’s acquired. oh well.. immigrate lor. but darn hard to immigrate everything lor. eee… how u did it ah? i’m just too lazy to do le.

    gotta go sleep le.

    oyasuminasai! @_@

  2. rong

    this is my second time, if it doesn’t stay, i’m not going to comment le… =[

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