This Blog will be rotting for a while…

I’ve not posted an entry here for possibly a century and yes, it’s full of dust.

I’ll be off to Kuala Lumpur to nurse my broken heart.(over my terrible grades that is)

Damn. The Italian course killed me, done me in like the mafia.
IT & Law was so-so.
Econ Development of Asia was a charm that possibly could neutralise the deadly effect of Italiano.
Computer as an Analysis tool… it was within my expectations. After all my prof was the founder of this course in SMU.
Intro to physical science still pending but heck.

Ahh… I’ve spent some days devouring Oscar Wilde’s amazing work, “The Picture of Dorian Gray”. It’s such a deliciously evil and moral book I wish he’d lived longer to write more. It’ll be wonderful if it is made into a movie.

Another evil book I read was ” In the Miso Soup” by Ryu Murakami. This is really good shit for anyone who’d like to learn how kinky the Japanese can get or for anyone who enjoys a bit of bloody noir. The Japanese ban on pornographic imports really is redundant given its vibrant sex industry as told by this novel.

Next up… “The Monk-A romance” by Matthew Lewis. It’s not a romance as we know it. Oh no… This dramatic Gothic piece works the same as “The Picture of Dorian Gray”- We watch the protagonist’s descent into degradation that ends with death.


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One response to “This Blog will be rotting for a while…

  1. Anonymous

    Ohisashiburi desu! Arzen san.
    Konbanwa. Palmyra desu.
    Arzen san ga buji de yokatta.
    (Oe bbs wo mimashita.)

    Though it was too late that I visit you,
    It is good if the heavy rain already had stopped earlier than I visit to here.
    I hope none of your family was involved in the disaster.

    Thank you for worrying about me by the matter of the password requirement.
    I apologize to you for I had not grasp of your circumstances at once.

    PS:Happy Birthday this month!
    I am content to be able to convey a celebration before new year begins.

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