3 more weeks to Exams

‘Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends’ Rated X.
Click on the picture for a larger resolution.
It made me cry when I saw what James (oh oh) was doing to Thomas (ah ah) and Gordon (huff huff)decided to join in.
And this is only page 120. God knows how much more action there is in this book.
The Japanese never fail to amaze me…

Really beat these days. There’s CAT shit due next Monday and the Excel inventory system is still quite unfinished. Maladorous macros, mamamia.

And I haven’t quite gotten into the role as a host in an Italian ‘Il Bachelor’ show even though I’ve been exclaiming ‘mama mia’ pretty often. My grammar is still as screwed as I kept getting the sexuality of the nouns and verbs wrong. Well, the romantic comedy ‘ L’ultimo Baccio’ [the last kiss]was really good. I never thought I’d get to watch a rated R show in school again. ( My 1st gay movie was shown during GP class in TJC) The women were gorgeous while one particular guy with long dreadlocks was bloody hot! This bloke has sex with a different woman throughout the movie. First a brunette, then a blonde, then a crewcut brunette…on separate occasions. The hilarious part was when he was thrusting away(so that’s how sex intercourse looks like!) the doorbell rang and he had to stop reluctantly to answer the door. 1st it was his buddy who had just fallen out with his wife. Then the doorbell rang again and it was another buddy who was jilted by his girlfriend. Mr Dreadlock’s place became an asylum for his lovelorn friends which is ironical for someone as promiscuous as him.

Snores… Tired… Too sleepy to make a proper entry so enjoy the pics for now.


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