I am officially BLEACHED.
Credit must be given to Miss 1wRong for generously lending me her cakebox collection. (Rong~!!! Gyaaa-! I’m going to fail my Econs!!!)
Managed to cram up to the 66th episode… Ooh now I know why 1wRong likes Zaraki Kenpachi. Tsuyokute omoshiroi hito desu. Freakin’ powerful and funny captain no. 11. Kuchiki Byakuya is very kakko ii too. ^_^
Having bought a BL-eached comic anthology motivated me to finish as many episodes as I could. (Arrr!!! It’s freaking R(Homo)!!! Rong, wanna read?) I can’t believe Kinokuniya managed to sneak such graphic stuff into Singapore. How graphic? ‘Porno’-graphic.*but has some funny stuff too, esp one on Byakuya.*

This month has been crazy as usual. Projects, interviews and saikang. Plus some aromatherapeutic smog blowing from the burning forests of Sumatra. Arrr…
Really, I’m still quite sore over the Ee-whY incident. I shouldn’t have blabbered away and given the interviewer a bad time. Well, it all started with his assed question on why SMU peeps rank the big 4 differently from NTU peeps. In short, honesty doesn’t pay in interviews, even for an accounting firm. The interview at DTT wasn’t too bad although I had to write a short essay on what makes a company a global employer of choice.
Thank god for Miss 1wRong , the undisputed Queen of BS! (not Balance Sheet. Bull Shit.) I managed 3 decent paragraphs in 30 mins. I really enjoyed the interview because it didn’t feel like one at all.
After that, we headed to Amoy St because Miss 1wRong had this uncontrollable urge to eat Or-Nee (yam paste) despite the huge vegetarian lunch in Chinatown. The food centre she brought me is Foodie Paradise! And she got her Or-Nee ( with smooth pumpkin and gingko nuts) while I had some almond paste with stewed peanut. Review: OMIGOD…*Drools*


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