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Sick and Squeezed-Silly Surf

Gosh, it’s been the busiest week for me!
1st, there’s CAT shit to clear and submitted on Monday morning.
2nd, there’s the SAAT interviews to administer from Wednesday to Friday. I’m not cut out to do logistics with a passion.
3rd, there’s a presentation to be made on Wednesday morning for Economic development in Asia.

For once, I’ve not OEBBS-ed at all and have been scrawling on my notebook as I undergo withdrawal symptoms!
Lastly, the freezing offices of GaNaSaikang made me sneeze and gave me a dripping nose. Now I feel like crap, sore throat, stuffed nose and all.
Great way to end the week.

On those idle moments when I get to surf aimlessly online, the IT & Law course gave me an idea. I entered my name into the search engine and tra-la! I had a shock of my life.

There’s a place in Norfolk with the same name as me! Like what the h*ll? Hahahaha!
And the site is sponsored by Barclay’s, not bad hmm.

Of course there’s also other search results that are less mindblowing than this.

I found my full name in the Singapore Art Museum site. Apparently, my storyboard was one of those selected in the Fiction @Love Nokia N70 contest organised by the Singapore Art Museum. But hell, I didn’t get the phone even though I made my request to win one very explicit in the storyboard. *frowns*
Ahhh, brings back memories of those slack and fun times during the modified term with Miss 1wRong. We’d always rot in her club’s room to cram Accounting theory and Nana stuff.

A picture of Miss 1Wrong and Weeting hugging our initial at the Singapore museum after a long brain-blasting day of accounting.


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