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.Painted in a public oebbs. Crap colouring. orz
I met up with Miss Ringo over ridiculously pricey bagel and cocoa at Starbucks 2 days ago. As usual, we lament at our school life, our age, our marital status, our future career in the Big 4 and our lost loves. Art and Music.

We’ve already came up with a rough plan: Sell our bodies to the accounting industry for 3 years at least to pay off debts and to save up for our exile to Japan. Once there, well, try to survive teaching English and pursue our lost loves.
It is an exciting way to learn independence and some survival skills in the urban jungle of a foreign land. An alternative would be to hope and pray the accounting firm will send us to shovel saikang in one of their overseas branches. (which probably only happens when 60% of your hair has dropped and never growing back)

We were discussing on the sky-high course fees and living costs in Japan when Ringo suggested jokingly if one’s really broke, then we’ll head the streets to sell our virginity!

(*A*) Gasp!

Who would be interested in a near-thirty something? Already past expiry date and I’m not sure whether the seal is still intact from school PE.

Well, that thought did cross my mind way back. I’d do anything to pursue the things I want even, yeewww… selling my body. *shudders* OK, only when I’m in dire straits. Like if I’m not able to get food for a week then I’d probably do something like that.
Urgh, now I have this urge to reach out for a pair of scissors and snip! Snip! Snip!

Well, the only way we can get the cash to fuel our dreams is to prostitute ourselves in the financial centres as accounting whores, waiting to get banged up from morning til the next morning with hard, engorged numbers. Right now, I’m doing it part-time at Go-N-Saikang much as I hate it. Every cent counts and with my gigolo PSP to keep, I have to work.

Perhaps that’s just as far I could go to chase after a goal. Learning art overseas is the biggest, juiciest, sweetest, god-awful orange tuber (carrot) that’s dangling in front of me right now. And I’m running after it with buckets of saikang.


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