My Girlfriend – Saikang Sharing Session

Yesterday, I attended the PWC talk with my ba-ba bag and monotone garb(grey shirt, black pants, black shoes). The talk and presentation was pretty nice and all, like wow, they place great emphasis in learning, in community service projects and the career progression looks fast and very transparent. But I’m not falling in love with the job (Not organisation so please put your guns down). It’s like choosing a husband who has dough but can’t even get it up over a penniless Casanova. Well, that’s my irreconciliable problem…


Guess who I met at the talk? I’ve not mentioned her for a very, VERY long time here because I hardly see her in school.
It’s Miss A!!! (See Archives: 25 October-14 November 2005)

She’s more lovely than the last time I saw her at a SAAT meeting. Her Ronald McDonald red hair has been replaced by elegant burgundy locks. We went for a drink at Plaza S’pura to catch up on old times and talk about the future, that is, work. Bleargh.

She shovelled saikang for Eee-whY while I did my shovelling at Go-N-Saikang.
Different sized accounting firms, different tasks to accomplish but the shit is still the same.
It was a surprise for both of us to discover that we actually experienced the same physiological effects of saikang!

1. Experienced hunger pangs 2 hours or more before lunchtime and dinnertime. (Grrowwl~)
2. Engorged appetites. (Oh father in heaven, please put a mountain of rice on my cai peng plate.)
3. Overwhelming desire to go shopping, even though one doesn’t have anything to buy in mind. (O-R-C-H-A-R-D)
4. Facial disasters and sluggish system. (I can’t feel my legs.)

And the air- I think the musty air in Eee-whY smells no different from the air in Go-N-Saikang. The smell of photocopiers mixed with dust and the aroma of cardboard. That’s probably why we had the urge to introduce fresh pristine shopping mall gas into our lungs.

I really enjoyed our conversation and missed those AFA days where our project meetings are mostly all-girls crapping sessions. Sigh~ it’d be nice if we can all work together.

* Daaamn… I shouldn’t spend so much time with my boyfriend. I played him on the bed till 2am. I feel drained.


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