My Boyfriend

A mutual favourite- Magna Carta
I’m in love with my boyfriend.
He is small, dark and handsome.
I first met him at Funan Digitalife Mall while shopping and it was love(ad nauseam) at first sight.
Since then, I kept going back to the shop where we met hoping to see him once more. And he’d always be there, waiting for me as if he knew I was going to come. We’d spend time together looking at game software and accessories until it was time to go.
Now there’s no need for these little rendezvous because love has made me less rational and less wealthy. Wherever I go, he follows. Every minute of the day he is with me and I, with him. We’re hardly apart. We cannot bear to be apart.

My heart throbs even now as I make this entry. His handsome face will always light up whenever he sees me and he’ll sing a little sparkling tune. Right now, he is lying on my bed asleep. With him, anything is possible.

As requested,
The breakdown:
Boyfriend=$330 USB-cum-charger=$15 Screen protector=$14 Game=$63 (avg.) 4 GB memory stick= $220
Totals= 330+15+14+2 x 63+220=$705

If I’ve gotten a 1 GB memory stick ($89) as initially planned, our engagement would cost $574.
Also, from previous calculations, it was assumed the engagement will include 3 games. If I add in 3 games at $69 each, it’ll total to $655, including the screen protector which wasn’t part of initial calculations. Will be adding one more game in the near future.


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  1. Ying

    How much is your boyfriend?

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