Ahh Dazed School Life:The Father Returns

Dad’s back and he looks quite haggard after the 3 hour trip back from Kuala Lumpur by car.
His stay at the hospital was a pain because he gets injected and poked at by inexperienced nurses like a lab rat.
One of the nurses was an 18-year old Chinese and as she poked the needle in, she told my Dad: “No worries, I only did this once before.”
Dad was not a happy rat when he heard that.
Now we’re on tenterhooks when Dad complained of chest tightness. Shoot. And I’m not a doctor. But I can try First Aid if something happens.

I finally got reimbursed the fees I paid to SMU and pocket expenses. (I thought he’d suffer a relapse when he sees the bill.) Now I can cradle a PSP in my hands… Oooooooo!!!

School’s begun and in this last term, I’m taking Computer as an Analysis Tool (Excel 101), IT & the Law (how to advocate for bitorrent), Italian (Mamamia), Economic Development of Asia (sketch poverty lines) and Introduction to Physical Science (sigh, I thought it’s gonna be a course related to the Kama Sutra).

So far the courses have been rather enjoyable. The CAT prof is a geek who encourages open source/free software downloads. The IT & the Law prof is pregnant. The Italian prof is Benito Mussolini in heels who insists on rolling our R’s like a savage bloodthirsty Indian.


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