Life at Go-N-Saikang: Week 9 …We have a visitor

Omigod omigod OH MY GOD!!!

Only one week left!!!

And I still have 7 cases to complete. Damn. One per day?

Also, I’m the last intern to remain at Ganasaikang.
So lonely… …snore…

(゜A゜∥) Haa haa, what do you get when you have one half of BLOOD+?
B(oys)L(ove) +.

This week, my cousin from Kuala Lumpur came in search of Nintendo DualScreen (NDS) games. Yes, she bought herself an NDS console and I say, it’s quite fun to play with especially when you have to blow at a small hole to propel Yoshi into the sky.
(it’d be helpful if I have another pair of eyes growing on my forehead so I can guide Yoshi away from its flying enemies.)

For 2 days, I’m more of her food guide than shopping guide. We ate at Waraku (Marina), Curry Roman stall in Liang court and Tampopo. All Japanese restaurants.
Tampopo was especially memorable when we had an ice cream and cake in the “porky” restaurant. The matcha icecream was so smooth and brimming with the fragrance of green tea and milk. As for the cotton cake, it really is as fluffy and soft as cotton while the cool fresh vanilla cream inside just melts away on your tongue.
We had a great time chatting when the bill came.

Total: SGD $ 68.57

Me: Hahaha yea, I like that shiawa… Eh?
Cousin: What, let me see… Eh?

—stunned silence—

Me: Errm… Some mistake with the decimal place?
Cousin: OUENDAaan~~~!!! (応援団) click for game homepage

I thank god I did not have a huge meal otherwise I’d have puked onto the bill, hoping my stomach juices will dissolve it.
The dumb waiter gave us the wrong bill.
If you want a heart attack, go to Tampopo. If the fatty pork fails to kill you, there’s always the waiter to finish the job.

*I think I’ll get my PSP after Mr Ganasaikang hands me my cheque.



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2 responses to “Life at Go-N-Saikang: Week 9 …We have a visitor

  1. Ying

    We should have shown the shiawase look to that waiter. Or maybe the other expression.
    Next time, we go eat pig(wo men qu chi zhu)

  2. Arzen

    I was thinking of Dancho- Toumeki Kai’s “friendly” face.

    (pig is good)zhu hao chi.

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