Life at GaNaSaikang: Week 8 Keep Tryin’

Keep Tryin’ ~Ultrablue~

I bet this is one of Miss Ringo’s favourite anthem.
Ever since day one when we first became chums in SMU, we’ve been lamenting over our wrong choices or lack of it to pursue our dreams.
We’ve done pretty good bitching on dumb theories, shitty work and crap modules. (Try Financial Institutions and Markets)
Now that we’ve got one term left, I don’t know what’s next after graduation other than getting what we’ve all been waiting for.


Life at SMU is nice but boring. Perhaps the community is too small and interests are limited. I can’t imagine having gone through it without the friends I have who enjoy a little bitch session now and then. Some profs are real nice and easy to talk to. Take JJWilliams for example, he’s one heck of a dude who’s done it all, seen it all and could really split your sides with his life’s anecdotes and stories. I love this one which he sometimes uses during discussions:

“Talk is cheap. How cheap? It’s FREE!”

All this while we’ve done alot of talking. I’m a little tired of it. ~(>_I don’t know the specific date to when I’ll start pursuing my dreams but hey, it’s definitely much closer than it was 4 years ago.
Although some people may think it’s a useless hobby. Still have to give one’s best in whatever one’s doing.

I try to give my best even at ganasaikanging which I have no prior experience nor a lot of interest in. (Oh god! Someone save me from the naggy typist!)
I must say by giving my best (since my appraisal’s on the line), I am on par or even better than Willy.
Godsakes he isn’t even sure whether deposit should be included in the “Purchase of fixed assets”item in the Cashflow. His answer was “Um… …Ya! Should include deposit.”
Sorry, wrong answer. That’ll be double-counting.

Yep, I’ll keep trying otherwise there’s no meaning in the things I do.

*Hikki!!! Her music’s so inspiring and I can never get enough of it! Can’t help but paint a pic. Wonder what Ringo thinks if she sees this.


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