PSP: Insight into A Consumer’s Decision-making Process

Playstation Portable (PSP)
Sony has done once more what had made it into the massive techno-conglomerate it is today. By squeezing entertainment and functions into a compact gadget, it has made entertainment- games, movies, pictures, music and even internet- portable.Initially I didn’t have a need for any of these gadgets. It’s only after I started GaNaSaikang that I realised I need something to keep me alive while on the dreary MRT. I need music not the cacophony of sighs and bratty wails. I’d look longingly at the geek playing his PSP in front of me or wondering what the passenger is listening to on his mp3 player.

Thus, I’ve decided to burn a hole in my pocket by splurging on a handy entertainment device. But there’s a mind to be made up. I couldn’t choose from an iPod, an Nintendo DS (NDS) and a PSP. After trying out my cousin’s PSP and trawling the web for more information on these 3 gadgets, I figured perhaps the best choice would rest on the PSP.

The screen is wider than iPod’s for manga reading.
The memory it carries is dependent on my whim and I can choose whatever preloaded content I want from a collection of memory sticks. (if I can afford it).
Lastly, although it does not have an interactive screen like NDS, at least I don’t have to blow furiously or scream at the handheld while playing a game in public.
God forbid, impale the handheld with its stylus.

With the decision on what to buy out of the way, there’s another important one to be made: Where to buy.

Price comparisons, alot of walking, talking and more trawling on the internet plus number crunching, I’ve finally decided on getting a value pack at some dinghy game shop instead of online or at Sony. Here’s how I came to the conclusion.

Sony:Value pack at $477 Giga pack at $571
in addition, if the customer buys one English game($69) he will get to choose 2 Japanese games fro free

Takashimaya: Value pack at $425 plus a free game worth $69

the dinghy shop,Game1: Value pack at $326

What sets Value apart from Giga is the memory size of the Memory Stick and a USB wire. This thing provides storage for music, videos, images and game saves. A 1GB stick is priced at around $89. Online, a 2GB stick is priced at $130.

Now the math…

At Sony, assuming I were a rational consumer and would buy the Value pack and an Eng game to get the other 2 Japanese games for free,
I would be saying bye bye to $546 of my savings. For Giga, I would say bye bye to $640.

At Takashimaya, for a Value pack and a game, I’ll be saying bye bye to $425.

At Game1, for a Value pack w/o a game, it’ll be $326.

At eBay, the least dodgy seller sells a Giga pack w/o game at $489

Assume I want at least 1GB of memory and 3 games so it seems Sony is the best place to buy.
But weeks of GNSaikang has trained me to crunch some numbers.

1GB Memory stick=$89 USB wire=$15 Game=$69

At Sony, it’ll cost me $640
At Takashimaya, it will cost me $425+ $89+$15+$69×2=$667
At 1Game, it’ll be $326+$15+$89+$69×3=$637
At eBay, it’ll be $489+$69×3=$696
Conclusion: PSP Value pack should be purchased at 1Game


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One response to “PSP: Insight into A Consumer’s Decision-making Process

  1. Ying

    I don’t mind being one of the 9 million people who scream at the handheld since the number is almost 7 times PSP users, heh.
    Grab PSP quick so that I can play with it the next time I visit Singapore~~

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