Go aNd Saikang: Week 6 -Balancing Act Deadlines

I want a holiday~

Oh my god… The deadline for the companies to sign and submit the annual reports is at the end of July. Penalty for late submission is a fine.
I’ve got less than a week to make the shits…i mean sheets, balance and the cash, flow.
Oh really, these bloody companies deserve to get fined for throwing randomized figures for me to lose hair over.
I’ve begun doing overtime since this Wednesday after my manager nagged me in front of everyone (as a cherry on top, my period arrived on that afternoon too).
Now, I’m slavng away just to avoid such an embarrassing situation from occurring again.
In the midst of all the stinking crap I have to deal with, I must say I’m quite exhilarated to find myself able to balance the audited companies’ sheets and making their cash flow smoothly.
Prof. Gan can now die peacefully without ever regretting teaching me.

4 more weeks… …

By the way, I’m loving Chinatown more each day.
The food is so good and now that I know where to find the best tasting and cheap meals, I won’t have to be ashamed of not knowing where to bring foreign visitors around.
Just today, a colleague led us to Maxwell food centre and I had the most delicious roast pork and dumpling noodle in my life!
The noodles are so smooth and chewy and the meat is oh-so-flavorful. And this is washed down with Horlicks soyabean milk.
I’m drooling all over my keyboard just by recalling the day’s gastronomic sights and smells.


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