Different languages;Similar problems

I’m really getting hooked onto oekakibbs… so much that I don’t sleep enough and subsequently had to catch a few winks in the office toilet. Saikang sux. But today was pretty good because our manager treated us to pizza and cake for her birthday…Fatten us before fastening the Saikang yoke once more.(
Back to today’s story, as the title says it, it is about interacting with strangers from other parts of the world. OK, in this case, specifically Japan.

I saw a webmaster’s ultra cute illustration while hanging out at the public oekakibbs site and decided to visit his/her homepage. There are about 3 oekaki sites owned by this webmaster and each has a different theme. This person seems to be a fan of Final Fantasy and some other RPG games. And the illustrations, I must say, are good. Especially when he/she paints the characters realistically. I decided to draw a Cloud in the webmaster’s free oekaki site and gush on how great his/her illustrations are. Click on the pic and read our exchange. It’s quite funny that although we speak different languages, we are both frustrated on not being able to fully convey our thoughts and feelings with our limited fluency.



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2 responses to “Different languages;Similar problems

  1. パルミラ

    Palmyra desu.

    Thank you for welcoming me in your
    I was very impressed by your aggressiveness.
    Because your Japanese is very good and very polite.
    By the way,I am not good at English.
    Wasn’t there strange point in English that I had written to you?
    I want to remember English hard.
    Then, I am looking forward to the day when it can meet you.

    ogenkide! (It Means,`Please take care of yourself.’)

  2. Arzen

    Komban wa Palmyra san!
    Thank you for visiting this site and painting a picture for my PBBS site.I like your creativity very much!Please draw in my PBBS site often.
    It was a wonderful surprise for me when I visited my PBBS.c^^,)Arigatoo gozaimashita!Totemo ureshii desu!
    Your English is very good and I can understand you perfectly. Wow, I wish I can write as much in Japanese as you write in English. Gogaku no benkyoo ni gambarimashoo ne!
    Take care!

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