The camera loves me…*blinded*

Blood+Saya: drawn in a public oekakibbs site
I don’t mean it in a vain way. I’ve been getting shot since Friday.
Friday: the NTU interns are finally free from the yoke of Ganasaikang and the brought cameras to take photos for memories’ sake or as visual evidence of the working conditions in this white collar sweat shop to show their friends. Sigh…5 more weeks before I leave the karang guni shack.
Saturday: After the SAAT meeting, I joined Linda to a farewell buffet for Charles, who is valedictorian of SOA and is bound for KPMG in the UK. After stuffing ourselves with sashimi, fried stuff, duck herbal soup, salmon in cream sauce and alot of durian puffs, we gathered to take a group photo…probably the last one with the seniors in it.
In the evening, I met up with Ringo and her electone friends for a Jazz concert performed by Yadai Sato and guest performer Teo Boon Chye. It was a blast at Double O. I’ve never heard the saxophone sound so good before. Teo made it sound almost like a sultry black singer. And Yadai Sato the electone player has very swift fingers and a rather small,slim frame fit for a BL role. haa haa.
So with some luck, we got to take a group picture with Sato san. It seems he’s pretty used to taking pictures with his fans cos he put his arms around our shoulders and squeezed.*so that 5 of us can fit into the frame?*

*Poor Ringo, a sausage grew out of the apple’s foot. She fell in the bathroom and hurt her big toe, which subsequently swelled to a size of a sausage. Well, she could cook it and eat it as a snack when she’s hungry. *


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