Go N Saikang: Week 5 Oekaki fever

Hagi from Blood+.

Blood is dripping out of my nostrils.

ハァハァ ハジ.

Saya’s chevalier(French: knight) with slight masochistic tendencies.

I painted him at a public oekakibbs site because the maximum 600 x 600 dimensions is too tempting to resist.

My site’s maximum limit is 400 x 400 only.

Too much GaNaSaikang probably made me want to indulge in oekaki more excessively. I couldn’t help but paint 2 pictures that night and was pleasantly surprised by how well it turned out. Nothing to brag about because the other pictures contributed by the Japanese bbs-ers are far more superior. Some were so realistic that I swore it was an uploaded photo.

It’s nice to get responses from people you do not see and who are living in another timezone. It’s like you have thrown a bottle with a message in it into the ocean and someone from the other side of the world picked it up. Wow, and one of the responses was from Syuumu san who lives in the US. Her art is superb and mainly on rock. The best part is, she’s also a fan of Devil May Cry. Sweeeet-.

I wish I don’t have to work but spend everyday painting at my leisure even if it is through traditional means. So sickened at the sight of numbers…


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