Go-And-Saikang: Week 4

Things are getting a little bit easier as my manager’s dishing out more companies for collation rather than for audits. Collation only requires the accounting firm to balance the clients’ shit, I mean sheets, and publish an unaudited financial report for them. After a week of collation assignments, I look forward to getting loss-making clients. With losses, I don’t have to estimate the income tax payable for these buggers and it makes it easy to get the cash flow statements balanced.

Yep, here’s another dirty secret. When the accounting firm’s tax dept. is too busy to look at little companies such as the ones I’m handling, the tax estimation (yes, you read it right, ESTIMATION) is made by the same guy doing the collating of financial statements. I never knew I’d encounter another situation where I had to invent numbers out of thin air after the screwball FIM exam. There’s so much judgement to be exercised by a mere intern who knows zilch about the company.

The week’s been pretty ok except for this really naggy typist. Bloody irritating although I was impressed by her attention to detail (a quality which I lack). It’s my first work that is ready for typing and I have no clue about the procedures. Asking my manager wastes precious saliva because I have no idea what she’s shooting about with bad english. What really pisses me off is they are not patient with first-timers when they don’t even brief about the standard procedures in the first place. So this typist kept complaining on the littlest details like:
-“Why did you put a zero here? It should be a dash.” Yea, like whatever…
-“Where’s the reference number? You must put the reference number you know then how can I type?” Like what the hell do you mean? There’s so many references to notes, to the collation job, to the pages. My manager did not tell me anything.
-“Next time if there’s any corrections made, draw a cross on the corner of the paper.” How would I know? I didn’t see the interns do it cos they’re all behind me and %&$* my manager never tells me anything!!!

Another irritating thing was instead of talking directly to me since I’m standing right in front of her, she nagged the intern next to me to to remind me on the corrections to be made in my first draft. It does not feel good to be mentioned as a 3rd person. Instead of “Weeting”, it’s “her/she”.

6 more weeks and counting down. Damn it. My digestive system has gone awry. I’m bloated from gas and perpetually seem to want to shit 24/7. I don’t know if it’s irritable bowel syndrome but my bowels sure are getting too feisty these days. I bet if I hold a lighted match near my butt I’ll explode and burn the house down.


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