Remains of the Day…or Pay

Should I get a PSP? Maybe not. But I want. Maybe not.I want music. Maybe not.
I finished Kazuo Ishiguro’s ‘Remains of the Day’ on the train yesterday morning. I could not help but smile at the way the wonderful novel ended. On the final day of his trip (also the final chapter), the old butler-narrator Stevens met one of the local folk, a retired butler, at the seaside. A friendly exchange followed and at one point, Stevens forgot himself for a moment and talked of how he couldn’t give his present American employer the best because he had given his all to the previous employer who died a broken man 3 years ago. The touching moment was when we finally see stoic Stevens actually shed tears unknowingly while telling this to a stranger. And as Stevens began to despair, the retired butler says “But if you ask me, your attitude’s all wrong , see? Don’t keep looking back all the time, you’re bound to get depressed. … Alright, so none of us are at the 1st flush of youth but you’ve got to keep looking forward. … The evening’s the best part of the day.
Having heard such encouraging words, Stevens composed himself and remained at the bench to wait for nightfall and together with everyone in the seaside, to watch the lights light up on the pier. He decided to observe the throngs of people and wondered how strangers could easily meet and converse like old friends. And his answer was it could be humourous banter and his thoughts soon turn to making witty remarks to “pleasantly surprise” his present employer on his return. The end.

Well seems “witty banter” didn’t work quite well for me at GaNaSai.
And I discovered that probably it wasn’t me being antisocial. I just couldn’t adapt to the office culture. When Ringo and 1Rong came all the way to Cheenatown to lunch with me, I felt like a sun-dried carcass that has been brought back to life. The floodgates of crap suddenly burst forth and I’m in my own skin again. Out of the 3, Ringo looks the freshest of them all because she just returned from Taipei (bearing souvenirs for us of course, or we’d peeled her ). 1Rong had an eventful week of worries, hospital visits and sinsehs. And me, GaNaSaikang-ing in a karang guni warehouse with bad culture. It was a good lunch and I could see light at the end of the dark long GaNaSai tunnel. In the evening when I had to wait for my audit club junior to review his workpapers, I met ‘Dodo’ Doreen and her NUS Arts friend. Like fish in water, more crap ensued. Then my ‘special guest’ finally arrived and I spent the next hour teaching and discussing with him about the club he’s auditing, plus more crapping. It seems to confirm my suspicions that I’m probably able to establish camaraderie with people more easily when we can communicate with ease and share the same sort of humour. I like mine dark and unhealthy. Just like shit..I mean, chocolate.

The next day got even better because this Saturday is work-free day! I went to the school gym with Linda and I discovered my butt actually still has some muscle left. I thought all the food and saikang in Cheenatown reduced the muscles into the fats of oblivion. Feeling less unhealthy and after the SAAT meeting, Linda suggested we head to Far East Plaza for lunch at a Thai restaurant. At this point, it is interesting to know that at home, Linda’s family calls her *gasp* NANA!
BaNANA? (not pisang meh?)
Anyway, when she pointed the restuarant out, I nearly fell over the railing. It’s called… you guessed it… NANA Thai Restaurant. On the eve of July(07) somemore!!!
It was a good lunch. We had rice with beef + kailan, chicken stir fry with cashews and spicy tom yam seafood. It’s so hot I’m sure I’m going to experience Mt. Merapi in my bottom the next morning. If you smell smoke on Sunday morning, you know where it’s coming from.


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