Life in Go-N-Saikang: Week 2

These few days I’ve been keeping watch at my watch especially when it’s nearing 5.30pm, a time which everyone looks forward to. Well, not everyone. I don’t get why some of the NUT interns love to stay over. It seems I’m the only one who’s particular about keeping time. I come and leave on the dot. Anyway, I guess the reason why GNS never has a clock in the office is to deter people like me from leaving a second too early. We’ll work till we lose sense of time and before we realise, the boss has earned another unpaid overtime hour. Cheebey.

My 1st week was a dream.
I lost sense of reality when the manager gave me file of management accounts and showed me a large red plastic bag full of files and receipts bound by raffia and said: “Nah. You can start audit.” A bad dream. And this is nothing like SAAT’s compliance audit in Dec where the SAP accounts are prepared nicely for us beforehand with the relevant documents to vouch and trace. Oh No~ At GNS, one has to prepare the unaudited financial statements by transferring the client’s numbers into the GNS report template. And that’s only the beginning of saikang.
The manager speaks like a machine gun and her pronunciation is flawed sometimes so when she gave instructions, I had to ask her twice. Thereafter she’ll say in annoyance:”Din I tell you already?-rat-tat-tat- and why are you so slow?”. I felt my IQ drop and ego severely deflated.

No time to socialise. No time to sleep. No wonder auditors age fast and tend to be single.
I’m counting down… one day down, another 51 days to go.
Shit. I miss school. I promise never to complain again or MSN during lectures. Even if it’s Adv Financial Accting or FIM all over again. Only 3 hours of delightful boredom which is comfortably short. So unlike the 8hrs 45 mins of brain-numbing saikang+pressure to finish auditing 2 companies a week.

*2 interns made a particular impression to me. Both of them reminded me of my male cousins who are accounting grads. My god…there is a resemblance in their mannerisms and even looks! Jeez,does that mean auditors can be made by Nature and not just Nurture alone?


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