Testing the new layout…if it doesnt work

I’ll scream CHEEEBEYYYYY!!!
Then set another account. Bloody hell.

Apparently the threat worked. Haha!

Alright… Alot of things happened which could not be recorded then because of the screwed blog.
Here’s a list:

  1. After poring through Craig Deegan’s Accounting theory textbook, Rong and me finally had our toes closer to the gates of Accounting Heaven. However, the Truth is never feathersoft and pretty. We concluded, with blessings from Prof. Hwang S.C. that – Accounting Standards are merely fads. They are put on the runway for selection and subjected to alot of judgement. Selection is based not just on who gets the most claps but more importantly, it also depends on who claps the loudest.
  2. The AT exam was a bomb. The 1st word sent my well constructed AT map to shambles. “Principle-based standards”. Like what the ^%#@?!!! Prof did not even talked about it!Speaking of principles…apparently there was none when the high stakes exam question was set.
  3. Internship at GNS(Go-N-Saikang) is pure KNS(kanasai). No bloody Big Four would allow interns to be responsible for the whole audit of a company… and a big one at that! Complete with more than a million dollars worth of assets and more than 3 million dollars turnover, plus a very dodgy pile of source documents tied up with raffia, this bugger is a plague. And with a name similar to ‘Ebola'(just flip the ‘b’), I’ve been completely stressed out. And the cheena, all-on-ur-own culture is not helping.
  4. I miss school.

I’ll try to be more positive… Like the cheap food in Chinatown, the proximity to Kinokuniya@ Liang court, faggot accountants will die virgins etc etc.


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