How long have they been walking with you and where did they go with you?

I just started thinking sentimentally about my blue pair of Adidas sneakers after a gym session with Miss 1wRong where we started talking about sports shoes while stretching.I got them at Queensway Shopping centre when I was in Anderson JC with a class friend, Unicorn. They are teal blue with grey stripes and ‘Samoa’ printed on the side, size 8 and the soles have many tiny Adidas logos which leaves imprints on soft wet ground. I still remember what the sales guy recommended me when I told him my tight budget:”Light blue suits girls, so sweet. Why don’t you try this?”

From then on, I never leave for school without slipping into them. I walked in them, scaling the peaks and descending the valleys of life. They have touched the ground in Malaysia, Thailand and Myanmar, walked the same grounds where the ancients have walked on many many years ago. During rainy days, it kept my toes dry as I dodge puddles but when it rained torrents, it kept my toes totally soaked as I feel the rain water slosh between them. Whenever I was at my lowest point, like when I suffered the agony of fear and anxiety outside or when I had a rare cathartic cry outside home (e.g. JC, psychiatrist’s office), I did not notice them when I bent my head down even though I could see them. They are so comfortable that I fail to notice them.

Now I can understand what Unicorn meant 5 years ago when she said old shoes have a certain unique character about them. It’s a sentimental thought. To think these pair of shoes that comes between my feet and the ground I walk on has walked with me for 5 years. And in these 5 years alot of good, bad, joyful and sad things happened.

They don’t care how heavy you weigh or whether your clothes match them.
They will go with you to whatever destination you want to go.
They walk on no matter how heavy you’ve become or how rough the terrain ahead is.

I love my shoes. I wish I could go on walking in them for many more years to come.


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