Renovating Arzen’s Picturehouse + Nana Wallpapers from Arzen’s Studio

This blog’s gone ascrew, technically. My recent entry ‘Shoes'(Tues) was submitted after the ‘Nana’ entry(Sun) but it’s date appears as Sunday.
I’m gonna have to change this blog’s layout and format soon. For the time being, I’ll try to keep my entries short in case it travels back in time and ends up in some earlier date.

Right now, I’m hooked at making wallpapers using Nana material. Thanks to Miss 1wRong’s Nana craze and gushes of encouragement. She’s completed all 58 chapters of the manga within a week after all. Just click on the pic, right-click save and use them to beautify your desktops. The white empty spaces should be enough for the desktop icons.
Today’s an interesting day! Miss 1wRong is so sweet!She made me a Nana personality pro-File. Yep! It’s a print of Oosaki Nana and the common traits from my results of the Nana personality generator. And it’s encased in a pink file so the paper won’t get crumpled!How thoughtful can she get?!
Now she’s a fan of my maid’s cooking too after I brought the Burmese braised fish for her to sample. We ended up feeling bloated after stuffing ourselves with yong tau fu, rice(a historic event for 1wRong) and immediately, red bean ice. Totally incapacitated for any form of exercise, we ended up spending the whole afternoon in her club’s room.

This evening, after my shower, I proceeded to hang the foaming puff to dry on the hook of my window. The ribbon did not catch the hook and it dropped onto the space between the aircon and the window. I need the length of 2 arms to reach for it and it was so dark. Shit~there goes my $9 puff. Until my eyes fell onto a wire clothes hanger.
*POW* Hook+wire=foaming puff fishing rod
I unbent the hanger into a thin wire rod with the hook and the end, asked my maid for a torchlight and after a few vibrating moments(was keeping the giggles in from jeopardizing the rescue mission), I fished the dusty puff up.
Now I understand Prof. J.J.’s HRO concept. Act first, plan later. I did not plan for the puff to drop but was able to act on salvaging the situation before it turns black from dust. Over emphasis in planning actually hinders mindfulness. I would have failed to notice the clothes hanger if I planned too much in replacing the puff.


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