NANA Nani? 77何?

NANA the movie (2005). SUKIiiiiii!!! I just love it!!! The best chick flick I’ve ever watched for centuries!
Thanks to Miss 1wRong…
It was this Wednesday when 1wRong invited me to her club’s room for an afternoon movie. I don’t know how many gazillion times she’s watched and re-watched the movie but she still appeared to be really excited about it.
And yes, it is so easy to fall in love with the principal characters. Komatsu Nana is so adorable that when her loser artist boyfriend cheated on her, one can’t help but cheer foul-mouthed Oosaki Nana(テメー!) to beat him up and crush his balls. It’s so heartwarming to watch these 2 different people with the same name live together and sort out their dreams. I guess why we love NANA is because we can identify with their characters. The strong, tough one and the soft-hearted one.
As single women, we want to be loved but without relinquishing power over fulfiling our dreams. The guys in the movie are real cheebeys. I just don’t get what’s so great about them except being good in bed(I think…hahaha*rolls*). Oosaki Nana always gets “eaten”. First her boyfriend Ren stuns her with news that he’s leaving for Tokyo then proceeded to er-hem er-hem. The other time she got “eaten” was when he ran to grab her at the last minute in the hotel lift and probably dragged her into his room while she’s busy crying her eyes out. Strength can’t be judged from looks and rough behavior it seems.
Hey singles out there!!! (You all, yes, you all)
Do you think it’s time we welcome men into our lives?We’ve passed the 20-year mark already…
For me, I don’t see any good catch nor have I sorted my life out yet. Just happy with the way things are now~~~
All except my dumbass neighbour who’s IQ suddenly jumped to 2 digits. He’s secured the network and now I’m sitting on the living room floor, in a tangle of wires, typing this. What a cheebey. Now I can’t even draw what I want because anyone could see what I’m up to. Managed to sneak in this one though…

Nana kissed Nana in the movie! So Yuri~ ^^


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