Green bean OD/Less hair

Sunday’s my favourite day of the week because it’s GREEN BEAN SOUP DAY!!! I love my maid’s green bean dessert. I’ll always eagerly anticipate the first day of the week to arrive so I can taste that smooth green bean rich soup. The softened beans and silky sago that yields readily to the pressure of my tongue against the roof of my mouth.MMMMMMmmmm… I finished half a pot before I left house to interview a cousin for my management accounting project. When I returned home, I took the pot off the stove and a spoon in hand, sat myself in front of the TV, staring at Saiyuki Reload and finished it to the last drop.
And what a terrible price I paid for my excesses. Now I’ve got excessive gas knotting my guts up and with menses on its way[hard painful acne popping up], I’ve never felt more shitty. Worse, I’m constipated!!!
Enough of gas, today I finally got a nice haircut! After so many painful and ugly trial and errors, I decided to go to Miss 1wRong’s hairstylist to salvage what the mess chapter2 had created. Storm is absolutely the best! The shampoo people treat the hair so tenderly and their head massage is shiok!The senior stylist is a real professional. She sculpted my hair, layering it so quickly and surely it is as if she is relying on intuition alone to guide her hands. And voila! soft layers for a streamlined shape while 1wRong was given a spunky cut that totally rocks!!!

2 pretty girls emerged from Tampines today. With less hair but a whole lot of looks!Haha, I’m sure 1wRong’s going to attract 10,000 guys this time according to the Nana personality and fortune telling online generator. Her character is Junko.(゜w゜)

Mine was Oosaki Nana the rocker, with only 25 suitors. (-゜A゜-)

*Now I’m into Nana, thanks to 1wRong for transferring an episode to me during Accounting theory class. I hope Prof. J.J. did not see me gape at my computer screen because sex is already happening in the 1st part of the episode. It’s produced by one of the big names in the anime industry, Madhouse. The mature content also makes way for a strong storyline and characterisation which after Rescue Wings, Nana could be the next anime for me to gush about. One thing to note is Ishida Akira is playing a gigolo character. Urgh.


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