A. Check this experimental digital painting out. Amon from ‘Witchhunter Robin’.His nose looks weird.ごめん~ I’m falling in love with this beauty from Sunrise and Gonzo’s Sunabouzu[Desert Punk]. The former is cool with an exciting plot that keeps us guessing while the latter is hilarious with all the bawdy goodness and comical antics. Whooo and Gundam Seed Destiny’s Special Edition redeems the whole series, giving fans the details they want. Eg: Talia naked with only a bedsheet on the same bed as Chairman Dullindal on board the Minerva!!!We Want More!!!

B.Went down to Siam Kitchen in Bugis on Labour day to bust some waistlines with Miss 1wRong, Mel, Miss Ringo and Linda. We sat and ate and ate and ate until only Linda, 1wRong and me were the last women gorging. The chicken curry was really good… Oh oh, sorry for losing focus. Can’t help it when there’s food.
It was a wonderful birthday lunch to celebrate the ageing of dear Linda, Mel and Miss Ringo. And the best part was when Miss 1wRong gave each of us a handmade present! I was the last one to receive the unknown item from her.
1wRong: Weet, you may love it or you may hate it.Close your eyes.
Me: Eeeks! *doki doki* Omigod… Don’t tell me you really made Shinn??? I was only joking!
1wRong: *snigger* Just close your eyes lah!!!
1wRong: OK! You can Open them now!
キラァァァ!!!KIRA YAMATO!!!

So kawaii!!!

I’m in love… I can’t believe Miss 1wRong made this without a template and only a picture of Kira as a guide! One and only on this planet and it’s staying with me even after I die, and after my grandchildren, and great grandchildren.(if there’s an ‘accident’.) Hope Ringo likes the mini CD with booklet.

C. Waraku Orchard is going to the dogs after the expansion. Specifically, the manager of the establishment. On my 1st visit with Ringo 2 years ago, the manager was from Osaka and I’ve never heard such a loud “irrashaimase” in my entire life. Subsequent visits, the manager is from Singapore and the “irrashaimase “got softer. Last Thursday, there was no “irrashaimase” at all. The manager is Singaporean and speaks Cantonese real loud within the premises. Thanks for switching the Japanese ambience into Malaysian hawker center. She did not know what the yam dish is called, told me it’s seasonal but din tell me what’s the price. To top it off, did not clear the pile of menus after taking the order so the poor waiter had to grow a third arm to clear space for the food. くそkuso. I’d fire her on the spot and make her perform harakiri.

With so much piss, I submitted a feedback to the company and lo and behold, instead of getting back to me after 3 working days, the management replied with apologies 15 hours after the form was sent. They requested for my mailing address and insisted on giving me a voucher as a token. Feels good that they take customer piss so seriously because really, the service has been deteriorating so much, it has gone below the Sakae Sushi standard.

Voucher wo Matteimasu.


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