Say "フォー!"

Hard Gay FOoooo!!!

This is Razor Ramon Sumitani~Osakan and Hard Gay pelvic thruster. Omigod. Just look at those yummy biceps, firm legs and the tight butt! I want to be gay too!

If the world has more queer people like him [‘queer’ as in weird, non-conformist not homo], it would be a fun and happy place to live in. I came across HardGay Razor Ramon in a fanart from an excellent Japanese fan gallery.

Miriallia Haww [photojournalist when she wasn’t Archangel’s bridge crew personnel] as Hard Gay and Dearka Elthman having a headache.

Isn’t it amazing how everything from anime to TV can come together and I see alot of innovative fusions in Japanese fans. No wonder this country is at the forefront in consumer technology[Dead GM dead]. Say, say, say.

Speaking of technology, MSN was very f**ked up today. I couldn’t reply to anyone although I could send files over. When 1wRong came to chat, I could only communicate with her by changing my MSN nickname into messages. Cheebey. I so wanted to talk to her about tomorrow’s lunch arrangements and today’s Gundam Seed Destiny episode[phase 31].


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