Good As You formula: 1+1=0 {cockpit null}

Today is the most unproductive [academically].
I forgot my login password which I had changed the night before and was locked out of the network. At CIT seeking help, the personnel somehow proved to me technology does not necessarily make processes efficient. Time is wasted on keying in particulars and later waiting for the retarded printer to churn out the slip. I don’t get it. This is a one-person queue, why is there a need for a queue slip? It seems to me CIT has adopted the Malaysian immigresen way of getting things done. Cheebey.
In the cold and desolate library, I met Ali and we began gossiping about a fellow Smugger. Due to the risk of getting sued for malicious slander I am not going to reveal the particulars of this Smugger. The point I want to make is, I appreciate this Smugger’s existence. This person opened my eyes into their world and really,made me realise that everyone is the same (nothing like kinky Japanese YAOI hahaha where the guy plays hard-to-get. cheebey.).
You and I, we are looking for the same thing: Happiness. We have the same human desire which is to love and be loved in return. Of course we like the hardcore action that may come with it. *cock!*
You know, he reminds me of a character I read from a book’s synopsis. This guy wanted to enhance social interaction and create bridges between people. So what did he do? He made himself a controversy, a deliciously juicy piece of gossip for the people around him to talk about. The more they talked about him, the closer they got.
I observed this Smugger’s behaviour and my cousin who’s an accountancy graduate also exhibited the same traits and mannerisms. The difference is my cousin is probably still in denial about who he really is and what he wants. Worse, his family’s the traditional Chinese sort and the word 同性 is taboo or treated as a joke. I wish for him that he will be able to find his other half. He is such a good soul. If he was born a she, he’d be a man’s wife by now.

After scarfing down entry after blog entry instead of JJ’s readings, I met Miss wRong and we decided to head to Specialists centre for our haircut… … only to find the salon dodgy and utterly empty save for an old lady staring at the window. With our head of hair intact, we went to shop around for overdue presents and walked walked walked. I really enjoyed her company even though lugging my laptop and other barang was such a drag and pain in the neck. She’s one of the few people who could stand my cock-and-bull shit. Sigh, tomorrow’s Saturday and I’ve got to make my way back to school to get stuff printed because the damn unimax bookshop’s closing till July.Cheebey.


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