I like to say Cheebey.

I wish I could hear Kira’s seiyuu say CHIIIBAIIiii…!!! Yeah, he is the voice actor of the guy in red, Yukimura Sanada in 戦国BASARA.

My dear friend Miss Ringo noticed my excessive usage of the foul word. While we were walking to the SP building for Mina Nakagawa’s electone concert, she expressed her opinion on my new choice of swear words.


Miss Ringo: WT! Can you stop saying that word? It’s so rude! What happened to you?

Me: I can’t help it! I guess it’s thanks to FIM and those horrible 100 over ppt slides I faced while studying last minute.

Miss Ringo: Yea? Must be Zhihon’s influence right? He and his Cheebai…

Me:.. and Lanjiao. So which would you prefer me say? Fuck or Cheebey?

Miss Ringo: The F-word… Wait… …. Neither!!!


And that was our foul conversation.
Mina Nakagawa was so kawaii and although the concert was meant for kids, she gave an enjoyable and awesome performance. She could manipulate the pedals with high heels! In her repetoire, she performed a Disney medley, Hedwig’s theme from Harry Potter and the best…. Numa numa YEAH!
I must thank Miss Ringo for all the free invites to these wonderful electone concerts [minus kids]. I can’t seem to find any website on Miss Nakagawa. Dr Tosh, who passed on early this year used to have a personal website with diary and all but now it’s closed. At least there’s Yoshihiro Andoh and given his celebrity status, an official website.


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