Chee, Bye.It’s my favourite swear word.

Cheebye-(noun) means a cunt in the Hokkien dialect.
Highly offensive and possible english equivalent would be stinking cunt or cockpit(hahaha).

This particular swear word has found it’s way into my lips since the start of the study week and has gotten more airtime during and after the exams. One of the causes I can attribute this switch to local vulgarity is Financial Institutions and Markets (FIM) course. Cheebye.
Since the start of my mugger’s life, I’ve never done last-minute work when it comes to exams. Not like having to cram the whole course in a span of 2 days. I’ve never approached a paper with the attittude of a gambler, inventing numbers for answers.
I never believed I would commit such heinous crimes of the academic world until Cheebye FIM came along to prove me wrong.

So here I submit to you a song, dedicated to those who had to plow through FIM’s 100+ slide Powerpoints and wonder what the hell is going on. Cheebye is modified by me to cheebey for personal use. Another reason is ‘bey’ is an acronym for Bond Equivalent Yield, which was CT’s first assignment topic. Cheebye.

*tune of Twinkle Little Star*
Cheebey cheebey so cheebey
Why is CT so cheebey
Gimme grades that’s not so high
Make me feel I wanna die
Cheebey cheebey chao cheebey
Kan nee lau bu and lau bey


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