4 Homework

4 Things / People that / who make me smile:
-When I see my friends, they make me smile inside out
-The morning sun and the night sky…don’t you get the feeling you are one with the world?
-Funny things people do or say [smirk]
-Good food. That’s why my maid loves to cook for me everyday.

4 ways to win my heart:
-Good food. That’s why I love my maid for cooking for me everyday.
-Appreciate what I do. I love it when the girls tell me how they wish the boys I draw can come to life .
-Make me laugh. I’m sold!
-Being truthful.
4 Things i believe in:
-Passion in the things you do. Learnt it the hard way for 3 years.
-There is a higher power out there…
-Money is nice but without happiness,health nor hope,what the hell’s money for?
-Men are necessary but not a necessity. [I’m not feminist but the witticism’s too hard to resist]
4 Things i’m afraid of:
-Panic attacks and fear of going out
-Losing my ability to draw.
-Leaky pad
-Mugger accountants
4 things i do everyday:
-Eat :my maid’s cooking
-Sleep: at least 6 hours excluding naptime
-Watch: anime and more anime
-Shit: bull with the mouth and poop with the ass
4 people who should also do this:


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