Exams and Kit Kat:きっと勝つじゃね~

This morning I had a 3 3/4 hour strategy exam. Study time: 30 hours in total. The rest of the time was expended on renovating this blog. Nice eh~
I doubt an A is possible and I just hope a miracle will happen once more.
Sitting still for such a long period, I decided to stroll downtown to relieve the itch for window-shopping and at Cold Storage supermarket, I noticed something pink and kawaii. KIT KAT.click and see!
Now Kit Kat Singapore is banking on Japan-crazed kids in their new marketing strategy. Wait, wasn’t the Japan craze half a decade ago? Shouldn’t they go 허삼 or something?

Then I went closer to take a better look at the characters.

ドッキーン DOKI!

The guy character’s eyes short circuited my brain for a moment. So 萌え… My heart was aflutter. Ahh, the emotive impact of design. I want to be able to create something just as electrifying and make boyfriends redundant. If you don’t believe me, go to a supermarket and look at the lifesize cardboard cutouts. And hmmm, Sakura flavour?I think I’ll stick to my pink Pocky sticks.


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