Rescue me from Rescue Wings

That’s not a rocket ship behind him, it’s a jet fighter in the sky!

I’m completely in love with ‘よみがえる空Rescue Wings’. The 12th episode was the most nerve wracking in it’s conclusion when I saw the ED show pictures of the rescue team as if it was the last episode.
I thought Kuso! No! How can they end after just a dozen eps?! Uchida Kazuhiro hasn’t gotten the chance to pilot the air carrier nor has he married his girlfriend yet!
I liked the part where he walked side by side with his fearsome sergeant Hongo Syujiro into the light through the doors. Cool. And the last part was the best. Uchida gets to pilot the UH-60J chopper while Hongo gets the air carrier. Kakko Iiiii~!!!
The 13th episode is pending in Japan. I can’t wait already. Hope the series can stretch for as long as 50 at least. No animated drama has ever earned my loyalty this much. It does not bombard you with products and useless paraphernalia like ahem, my other favourite anime series. ‘Rescue Wings’ is the sort of show I can watch twice or thrice and still remain hooked.
It makes kids wanna join the civil defence. (‘A’)! Effective propaganda, I say.
The most important thing is its message delivered from the lips of its characters.
It tells of finding one’s mission in life and to ressurect oneself from broken dreams. Nothing is impossible as long as one is alive (especially after encountering so many dead people in his job…). (^^) So even if Uchida can’t pilot and soar away on a jet fighter, he is beginning to learn that his love for skies continues on the UH-60J.
This anime also made me appreciate the mechanical design of aerodynamic machines. Who knew helicopters can be so cool?
Another anime that first raised my interest in jet planes was Gonzo’s “戦闘妖精雪風“. The Mave and Grey Sylphs are sooo sexy. The artificial intelligence that rests within the Mave is called Yukikaze [雪風] and works like a co-pilot to the main character, transferring control whenever critical situations have been neutralised. I must say this movie is the crown jewel of Gonzo the same way as Ghost in the Shell is to IG Production.

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  1. 1wRong

    man, i haven’t gotten to tt yet la. stop making me wonder n tink n all… er, why dun u transfer to me urs ah? ahha!

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